We prefer you submit maintenance requests through your tenant portal. Please login to your tenant portal and follow the prompts. If you do not yet have a login password for your tenant portal, please get started below.

If you are experiencing a property emergency that requires immediate attention, please call (360) 456-7368. If it after hours, you will be transferred to a call center that can contact a property manager.

If this is a life-threatening emergency call 911 immediately.

Before requesting maintenance at your home, please read through the following Maintenance troubleshooting. You are responsible for charges incurred from reporting items which you failed to troubleshoot.

What maintenance is the tenant responsible for?

Tenants are responsible to replace lightbulbs; batteries in the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and electronic thermostats; furnace filters, and air conditioning filters. Tenants are responsible for normal insect and rodent control, excluding rats.

Will Hometown bring me a key if I lock myself out of my house?

Lockouts are not considered an emergency. Tenants are responsible for acquiring re-entry to the unit. If it is during business hours, you may contact Hometown to come get a copy of your key as long as the key is returned the same business day. If it is after hours, the tenant must contact a locksmith and incur locksmith fees.

What should I do if my CO detector goes off?

  1. Silence the alarm.
  2. Turn off or extinguish all fuel-burning appliances and systems including gas furnaces, grills, vehicles,
    and fireplaces or woodstoves.
  3. Open doors and windows to air out the house.
  4. Check to see if anyone in the home is experiencing symptoms. See
    http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pdfs/co_factsheet_en.pdf. If so seek immediate medical attention.
  5. Check batteries in detector (a low battery will set off alarm).
  6. Call the fire department, then call PSE 1-888-225-5773.
  7. Notify Hometown Property Management during normal business hours
  8. Do not use any of your fuel-burning appliances and systems until you get the “All Clear” signal from
    the inspecting technician(s).

Smoke alarm/carbon monoxide alarm inoperative or is chirping.

Replace the batteries.

Garbage disposal inoperative

The disposal may need to be reset. There is a reset button underneath the unit.
Turn off the power at the breaker, then turn it back on.
Try using the tool provided with the garbage disposal to manually turn it, if jammed.

Electricity inoperative in part of the house

Check the GFI outlet and/or circuit breakers, which may be located in the garage, patio, kitchen or bathroom. The GFI outlet is an electrical outlet with “test” and “reset” button on the faceplate. Reset the GFI; check for restored electricity. There may be more than one GFI outlet.

Circuit breakers keep shutting off

Turn breakers off unplug all small appliances such as the microwave, toaster, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. Turn the circuit breaker back on. Then, turn on the appliance Resident(s) needs to use to see if power has been restored.