If you’re just getting started as a rental property owner, or if your busy life precludes your taking on the time-consuming job of finding renters for your home, Hometown’s Partial-Service Management package may be just right for you. We’ll find you qualified tenants, do all your background checking, and get your paperwork set up and ready for you. After that, you can take over and actively manage your property from that point on. Or, you can continue to use our services on an ‘a la carte’ basis and remain involved in managing your property to whatever extent works for you.

Here are the services you’ll receive through our Partial-Service Management package:

Home Evaluations

Not every residential property can become a rental. Each home has its own unique set of conditions and criteria which will determine whether or not it is appropriate and ready for occupancy. From a leaky faucet to the home’s structural integrity, Hometown’s property management team conducts a detailed assessment of each property to determine:

  • its strengths and weaknesses
  • the areas and/or items that need to be updated or repaired
  • the home’s potential as a source of rental income
  • the optimal price point that will position it to be competitive in the market
  • whether the home will enable its owner to realize his or her investment goals

Advertising Your Rental Home

To successfully promote your property, Hometown Property Management employs a variety of advertising and marketing tools, from on-site signage to on-line resources, local print media to our expanding network database. In fact, the web site you are viewing right now has been optimized to position it at the top of all related search vehicles to ensure that prospects will see your home first! Working on your behalf, our goals are to:

  • maximize marketing efforts
  • represent your property to its best advantage
  • attract the greatest number of potential applicants
  • minimize the duration of vacancies between occupants
  • continually explore emerging and innovative advertising strategies

Back at the House …

As careful as your last renters were, a home will always show better – and rent faster – if it is clean and fresh and shows no visible signs of major wear and tear. After a property is vacated, Hometown will coordinate with it’s trusted preferred vendors to do whatever needs to be done – painting, repairs, carpet cleaning, etc. – to bring it to move-in condition. When all work has been completed, the property will be thoroughly inspected and certified as move-in ready for your next tenant.

Showing Your Property

As soon as our marketing efforts begin generating interested prospects, Hometown’s knowledgeable leasing agents will begin to show your property, working around your schedule whenever possible. To help prospective tenants make good choices for themselves and their families, each showing includes:

  • a brief introduction, if needed, to the neighborhood and surrounding community
  • a guided walk-through accompanied by a summary of the basic features of the home, e.g., square footage, maintenance considerations, pet restrictions, community amenities, and appliance inclusion packages
  • an overview of the benefits the property offers, e.g., an unusual view, good-sized rooms, updated kitchen, handicapped accessibility, proximity to schools, and more
  • ample opportunities to address specific, individual needs and questions

Applicant Processing

At Hometown, we believe that in-depth screening of prospective tenants is the cornerstone of successful property management. In order to ensure each candidate’s suitability as tenants, we employ a third party, AppFolio Property Manager, who provides nationwide background and investigative reports. AppFolio Property Manager evaluates Hometown’s rental applicants – with their knowledge and consent – by collecting data that includes their:

  • income and employment information
  • credit rating
  • criminal background, if any

Hometown staff understand the importance of having qualified tenants living in your home. We take seriously our responsibility to find renters who will treat it respectfully, will honor your requirements and restrictions, and will be able to meet their monthly payment obligations on a consistent and reliable basis.

Leasing Agreement

This is where decades of experience give us an advantage. Our leasing agreements, which were initially developed and are continually refined by Hometown’s trusted legal advisors, are thorough, up-to-date with current laws and requirements, and inclusive of all required documentation and addendums as applicable. Included in every leasing agreement is an in-depth property inspection report and certification showing the home is in move-in condition.

First Month’s Rent Collection and Distribution of Funds

To help you get started and ease the transition of a new renter, Hometown will collect the first month’s rent, make any necessary payments from it, and then distribute the remaining balance to you. We offer a range of payment options to residents; rents can be paid using personal checks, cashier’s checks, online payments, or money orders.