What do I need to clean when I move out of my home?

Please see our Cleaning Checklist.

Can I pay my rent online?

Yes! Simply log into your tenant portal and set up online payments. You can pay with an eCheck for FREE or with a debit or credit card with a processing fee. You are also able to pay with cash at any 7Eleven with a small fee. Please contact our office to receive your unique barcode to take to 7Eleven.

When is rent considered late?

Rent is due on the first and late if not in by 8am on the 6th of each month.

How much is my late fee?

Late fees are 10% of your rent.

What can I see in my tenant portal?

You can see copies of your Lease, Move In Inspection Report and annual Lease Renewals as well as your account balance. You can also pay rent and submit work orders through the portal.

What is the best way to submit a work order?

Work orders can be submitted through your tenant portal. You can also call our office and speak to our Maintenance Coordinator.

How much notice to I have to give to terminate my lease?

20 day notice prior to the end of the month is required. If you are military and using military orders to get out of your lease 30 day notice prior to the end of the month is required.

How do I give my move out notice?

Please fill out the “Notice to Vacate” form on our website and follow the move out instructions: Move-Out Instruction Letter

What happens if I have to break my lease?

If you terminate your lease early there is a fee equal to 75% of your monthly rent. You will also be responsible for rent, utilities, and yard care until the unit is re-rented or the end of your lease, whichever comes first.

How soon will I get my deposit back after move out?

Within 21 days of you Move Out Inspection, we must provide you with a letter giving you an accounting of any pending charges on your account for property repairs or payment of utilities or a deposit refund check.

How do I add a roommate to the lease?

A roommate must complete a rental application and be screened. If approved, all parties will need to sign an addendum adding them to the lease. There will be a charge of $100 to make changes to the lease.

Where do I find contact information to set up utilities at my new property?

What HOA rules do I need to abide by?

While the owner of the home pays any HOA dues, tenants are responsible for any fines you received due to non-compliance with HOA rules. You received a list of general rules most HOA’s enforce with your lease. To view the full CCR’s of your specific HOA, please go to https://www.ctthurston.com/ccr

What vendors should I call to help prepare my home when moving out?

Please reference our Preferred Vendor List