Expecting the Unexpected

Life happens. Plans change and things come up. As a hands-on property owner, you may occasionally find yourself facing the unexpected and unable to be available when you’re needed. Whether it’s a broken garage door, a fallen tree limb, or an eviction proceeding, or if you suddenly need to relocate out of the area, Hometown Property Management offers an ‘a la carte’ system of service choices. Whatever your need, you can count on us to be available and analyze the situation, to communicate with you in a timely manner, and to resolve the issue on your behalf, according to your directions.

When a problem falls outside of our capabilities, Hometown has direct access to a wide range of trusted professionals with whom we have maintained partnerships through the years: painters, plumbers, electricians, bankers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and more. All are highly qualified, licensed, bonded and insured. Once they have completed work on your property, we will pass their fees directly on to you with no additional charges.

Temporary Service Management

Hometown can pinch-hit when needed and provide full- or partial-management services on a short- or long-term basis. Just let us know when you will need our services. Then, until things get back to normal, you’ll know your property is in good hands and detailed records are being kept for you.

Property Accounting Services

For property owners who handle maintenance and resident issues on their own, Hometown is happy to provide basic accounting services. Let us process your rent payments and distribute the funds via electronic funds transfer. You’ll receive a monthly payment summary – and have one less thing on your To-Do list!